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How Do I Get Diabetic Testing Supplies and for Free

Some new diabetics are left asking the question, "How do I get diabetic testing supplies?" Okay, you have been diagnosed with diabetes, or pre-diabetes. You know you need to take the medication the doctor prescribed or monitor your diet and exercise closely. The doctor also stated you need to monitor your blood sugar levels. What he may not have told you is how to get those supplies needed to do the testing.

Diabetic Testing Supplies

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Diabetes is so prevalent and doctors deal with it everyday. Sometimes they forget that not every person knows where to go to get their needed supplies. To complicate issues some doctors forget to write the prescription for the testing supplies. Diabetic testing supplies are not inherently dangerous, or a controlled substance, but they are prescription items. You need a doctor's note to stick yourself in the finger and draw blood, and then to test it with a machine. The positive note is that it is a very simple procedure and anyone can learn the process.

The diabetic testing supplies needed to manage and monitor your disease can be purchased at any drugstore. The glucose meters are usually right out in front of the pharmacy area but the test strips and lancets are usually kept behind the counter. The pharmacist will match the glucometer of your choice with the lancing devices and strips that match. The pharmacist will also explain the use of the device if needed and also, explain the different types. Each of the diabetic testing supplies has its strengths and weaknesses and all work under the same general principle.

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For those who do not like shopping the drugstores, who are confined to their home, or who just want to save some money, the mail order and internet companies offer a good alternative for purchasing diabetic testing supplies. You do lose the face-to-face contact with the pharmacist but convenience and price often make up for this. Many internet and phone order companies have a pharmacist available by e-mail or phone to answer questions if needed. This enhances the experience and allows new diabetics to ensure they are getting the proper diabetic testing supplies for them. Many of these companies also offer convenient automatic shipping plans to make sure your supplies are always on hand.

Most insurances now cover some, or all, of the diabetic testing supplies. Finding a supplier that works with your insurance company will make the process much smoother. Check with your insurance company and they may direct you to a good supplier in your area, or one who ships to your area. They will also often help you find the best prices because they have something at stake there as well.

Most physicians are very good with their patients and give them all the information they need about their disease but some forget to take the next step and explain how to get the diabetic testing supplies needed to monitor and control the disease. This important step is often assumed and can lead to confusion and anxiety in new diabetics. There are many sources for your diabetic testing supplies and each presents with positive and negative aspects.

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