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What Makes a Good Diabetic Recipe?

A diabetic recipe needs to take into account the diabetics inability to process large influxes of glucose in the blood. Substituting ingredients that often cause blood sugar spikes and replacing them with slower absorbing, or lower carbohydrate, choices. There are many options to make a regular recipe good for a diabetes sufferer.

A Good Diabetic Recipe

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A diabetic needs to look for recipes that are already adapted to their needs or can easily be changed to fit their needs. Looking at the first group, these are generally presented as low carbohydrate recipes or a diabetic recipe. They generally involve regularly available substitutes for sugar and processed flour. It may also have substitutes for part of the juice or milk requirements. These recipes also generally have a breakdown of the number of calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats per serving. This may also include a breakdown of net effective (or net) carbohydrates. This involves subtracting the number of grams of fiber from the total carbohydrate total.

A good diabetic recipe should use ingredients that are easily obtained and make a comparable substitution. These substitutions should also take into account the different volumes of some ingredients needed and provide appropriate adjustments. An adequate amount of stevia or other artificial sweetener may be a much smaller amount than that needed for sugar, therefore the total volume will be less. The additional volume must be adjusted for using non-carbohydrate ingredients.

Low Carbohydrate Recipes

The recipe that can be easily converted to a diabetic recipe involves only a few ingredients requiring changes. The more ingredients requiring substitutions, the more complicated the recipe becomes. A recipe that is high in simple carbohydrates due to a large amount of sugar can easily be changed to a diabetic recipe by substituting the sugar with some other sweetener. The same can be accomplished by substituting higher fiber choices for processed flour. Substituting one or two items can still result in a finished product that is very close to the original product. Recipes that need more than a couple of changes often result in a final product further from the original.

Diabetic recipes can often be found online or in cookbooks aimed at low carbohydrate dieters, or diabetics. A good diabetic recipe search involves looking for low carbohydrate recipes or diabetic recipes. An internet search of "diabetic recipe" returns over 90,000 hits. Bookstores and libraries are full of books and magazines with recipes aimed at the low carbohydrate audience. Many popular names in recipes and cookbooks also offer diabetic, or low carbohydrate, variations.

Best Diabetic Recipe

The best diabetic recipe, of course, is one that makes minor modifications and the end product is as close to the original product as possible. This serves multiple purposes including not having to make two different meals, not feeling like something is missing, and returning to a semblance of normalcy. When looking for a good diabetic recipe it involves many hit or miss trials and each person will find their own favorites. Give each diabetic recipe a try and make minor adjustments as needed to make the recipe work for your individual needs.

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